Q. How do I search China Academic Journals?

To login please follow the steps below:

  1. Use Chrome or Firefox.
  2. Login to SUSS library resources via Database A-Z.  https://libguides.suss.edu.sg/az.php?q=CNKI
  3. To get the English version of CNKI, please click the name
  4. To get the Traditional or Simplified Chinese version of CNKI, please click one of the below :

  1. If this is the first time you have logged in or that you may have not logged in for some time, you may see a login screen to enter your credential and password.  This is called the SAML login. If you do not see this screen, it is fine.

  1. At the login page, enter your email ID without the @suss.edu.sg

If Associate (email has numeric) -             Select “Associate”

If Student (email has numeric)   -             Select “Student”

If Faculty/Staff (email has no numeric): Select “Faculty/Staff”


  1. If you see this next screen, do not enter the login credentials in this screen.  

At the Search field, enter “Singapore” and select click ““Singapore University of Social Sciences”.   If you do not see this screen, it is fine.

  1. Unless specified in the Database AZ page, you are not required to Login with an ID and Password at the CNKI landing page.


Possible issues encountered :

Scenario 1 : 

At the CNKI landing page, please do not change the CNKI version at the link shown below.


If you do so, you will be shown a Login link as seen below.  Please do not login.  


If you want to change the CNKI version, please go back to Database AZ to do the selection again.


Scenario 2 : 

Majority of the time, CNKI do not need you to login. However, during peak seasons, CNKI may require you to use a LOGIN. 

An example  is seen in the Database AZ.entry below :

Please request for the ID and password from the library and enter these into the screen below. The ID will not be your personal student id.